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Phill and Connie Elliott

The man behind the dream. Founder and original designer of The Elliott Capo, Phill was given the dream of the “push-button” design capo. An accomplished guitar player himself, Phill is a founding member of the Alan Munde Gazette and seven year member of the Billy Joe Foster band. With an artisan eye for detail, Phill has always had an active interest in well-designed capos and has been relentless in his quest for the best capo he could build. His passion for customer satisfaction adds fuel to his quest.

Phill lives in Brenham TX with his wife Connie, where he oversees production of The Elliott Capo factory, plays a little music, and enjoys spending time with his family.

Phill’s wife and longtime supporter. The detail behind the man. Connie joined Elliott Capos full-time in 2003. Connie has been the voice on the phone, answering e-mails and processing orders for many years. Connie has helped keep things moving, has carried the torch of the capo business and is also driven for excellence in customer service.

Connie enjoys working with her family and serving passionately in the local church body.

Scott and Melisa Elliott
Phill’s boy. Dream chaser Jr. Scott is about all things mechanical. Following in Phill’s footsteps, Scott is now CEO of Elliott Capos. Scott has been involved with Elliott Capos since 2004 and has embedded himself in the business slowly and precisely over time. With a discerning eye for detail and the streamlining of production, Scott was blessed to assume the reins of Elliott Capos in 2015. Understanding the dream, blood, sweat and tears that has defined his father’s capo legacy, Scott is focused on product excellence and design and is driven by the customer experience.

Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and son, no matter what they are doing. Scott faithfully serves in the local church body where he enjoys playing on the praise team and is part of the recovery ministry.

Scott’s wife- his biggest cheerleader, and his guardrails. Melisa has also been involved in Elliott Capos since 2004. Joining full-time in 2015, Melisa has become the voice on the phone and main customer service contact, fulfilling orders along with Connie. Melisa also understands the dream, blood, sweat and tears that has defined The Elliott Capo experience for many years. She is passionate about the customer experience and excellence in service.

Melisa enjoys spending time with family and working in her butterfly garden. She also serves in the local church body as part of the audio/visual team and alongside Scott in the recovery ministry.

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